Word Meaning To Give Out Homework

give out

1. To distribute something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "out." Volunteers will come around and give out pamphlets before the lecture.

2. To suddenly fail. Be careful—that rickety old ladder is liable to give out while you're on it.

3. To announce or publicize something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "out." Please don't give out news of our engagement just yet.

4. To emit or release something. I guess we need to change the batteries in the smoke detector because it's giving off a dreadful sound.

5. To become depleted. Enthusiasm for this project has really given out after all the delays.

See also: give, out

give something out


1.Lit. to distribute something; to pass something out. The teacher gave the test papers out.The teacher gave out the papers.

2.Fig. to make something known to the public. When will you give the announcement out?The president gave out the news that the hostages had been released.

See also: give, out

give out


1. to wear out and stop; to quit operating. My old bicycle finally gave out.I think that your shoes are about ready to give out.

2. to be depleted. The paper napkins gave out, and we had to use paper towels.The eggs gave out, and we had to eat cereal for breakfast for the rest of the camping trip.

See also: give, out

give out

1. Allow to be known, declare publicly, as in They gave out that she was ill. [Mid-1300s]

2. Send forth, emit, as in The machine gave out a steady buzzing. [Mid-1400s]

3. Distribute, as in They gave out surplus food every week. [c. 1700]

4. Stop functioning, fail; also, become exhausted or used up. For example, The motor gave out suddenly, or My strength simply gave out. [First half of 1500s]

See also: give, out

give out


1. To allow or cause something to be known; declare something publicly: The professor gave out the bad news.

2. To emit or radiate something; give something off: My car engine gave out a steady buzzing.

3. To distribute something: The homeless shelter gave out food and blankets. The teacher gave the homework assignment out.

4. To stop functioning; fail: The dishwasher finally gave out last week.

5. To become used up or exhausted; run out: Their determination finally gave out.

See also: give, out

  • Comfortable routines involving school and homework disappear when classes are suspended for a week.

    —scott craven, azcentral, "Spring break ideas for high-school kids in Arizona,"9 Mar. 2018

  • For people who do their homework, there will certainly be gems in there.

    —polina marinova, Fortune, "Term Sheet -- Wednesday, March 7,"7 Mar. 2018

  • Can’t Cheryl be a normal teenager and do her homework without having to worry about strange men coming into her house?

    —peggy truong, Cosmopolitan, "9 Reasons Riverdale Season 2 Has Been Bad,"7 Mar. 2018

  • Some short sellers say analysts aren’t doing their homework.

    —allison prang, WSJ, "Opioid Maker Insys Still Has Fans on Wall Street,"6 Mar. 2018

  • And because many of his homework assignments require Internet access, Martinez has had to plan most school nights around trips to the library.

    —jacob carpenter, Houston Chronicle, "Sprint donating hotspots, WiFi service to 14,000 HISD students,"5 Feb. 2018

  • There, students complete their homework assignments and take exams, which are graded automatically on the publisher’s website.

    —laura mckenna, The Atlantic, "Why Students Are Still Spending So Much for College Textbooks,"26 Jan. 2018

  • Donato, a Boston Bruins prospect still playing at Harvard, planned on doing homework on the flight home.

    —adam kilgore, Anchorage Daily News, "Blanked by the Czechs in a shootout, US men’s hockey team is out of the Olympics,"21 Feb. 2018

  • Headley has done his homework on this old/new organization, learning about the young major leaguers and some of the prospects in big-league camp.

    —kevin acee, sandiegouniontribune.com, "Padres' Chase Headley back with same, different team,"17 Feb. 2018

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