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Thesis and Dissertation Proposals and Defenses

Important Dates for Spring 2018

  • Spring Late Graduation Application Deadline—March 23, 2018
  • Spring Final Defense Deadline—April 30, 2018
  • Spring Final Draft Review Appointment Deadline—May 7, 2018 (noon)
  • Spring Official Closing—May 10, 2018 (Thursday)
    • Complete uploads to MyAdvisor
  • Spring Electronic Uploads Deadline—May 14, 2018 (Monday)
    • Faculty Grading Deadline
    • Complete uploads to Texas Digital Library
  • Spring Final Graduation Audit—May 16-18, 2018
College-Approved Final Draft of Thesis or Dissertation

The format and style of presentation for a thesis or dissertation should conform to the most acceptable standards of scientific and scholarly writing in the discipline. Before preparing a thesis or dissertation, every student should refer to the College guide for the preparation of theses and dissertations at the CITE Training Library - Dissertation Resources.

After a successful final defense, the committee chair records the approval of the defended thesis or dissertation in MyAdvisor. At the defense or thereafter, the student gathers signatures from all advisory committee members and College of Education Dean. The advisory committee must review the completed finalized draft of the thesis or dissertation before collecting the signature of the dean of the College of Education and ahead of the final submission process.

The College's Office of Graduate Studies evaluates theses or dissertations for adherence to the College's formatting guidelines, electronic text matching, and electronic archiving requirements by the University of Houston. Once the office approves the thesis or dissertation formatting, students submit their work to the College (MyAdvisor) and University (The Texas Digital Library) as a Portable Document Format (PDF).

To receive a college-approved thesis or dissertation evaluation and instructions for submission, contact Bernice Roberts at (Office of Graduate Studies, 256 Farish Hall) before noon of the final draft deadline for an evaluation appointment.

Completed Submission of Thesis or Dissertation

All the student and College approval processes for submission of a thesis or dissertation must be complete no later than the final grading deadline for faculty during the first regular academic session of the academic term, as published in the graduate Academic Calendar.

A completed submission of a thesis or dissertation includes the following:

  1. College approval of defended thesis or dissertation, including final draft review
  2. Assignment of final grade(s) — not to exceed the six (6) hours required on current degree plans — for thesis or dissertation courses by the professor of record
  3. All components of the electronic submission to the University and College, for archiving

Early Submission of Thesis or Dissertation

If the student meets all the requirements for a completed submission of thesis or dissertation prior to the early submission deadline, they can request a reduced course load to one credit hour for a thesis or dissertation course via a Graduate and Professional Student Petition(instructions). The early submission deadline is the last day to add a class in the first regular academic session of the academic term, as published in the graduate Academic Calendar. 

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Office of Graduate Studies, 256 Farish Hall) will review the petition request, no later than the early submission deadline. Any student who meets the requirements for a completed submission but does not submit a petition by the deadline must remain in the required three credit hours of enrollment for a thesis or dissertation course.

Converting your thesis to PDF/A format is easy! There are several options for converting your thesis to PDF/A format. The following are instructions for some of the more popular software.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have conversion problems, please contact the CCS Help Desk for assistance.

MICROSOFT WORD 2013 or 2010

Will convert document types: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf

1. Select Save as

2. Save as type PDF

3. Click on Options

4. Check off under PDF Options, ISO 9005-1 compliant (PDF/A)


Will convert document types: .pdf, .html, .xlsx, .jpeg, .ps, .docx, .txt, .tiff, .bmp, .xml

1. Select Save as

2. Select under save as type dropdown: pdf/a

3. Click on Save

If successful, a banner will appear stating that the file is in compliance with PDF/A


Will convert document types: .odt, .ods, .odp

The OpenDocument format (ODF) is a free, ISO-standardized format for documents (.odt file extension), spreadsheets (.ods), presentations (.odp) and more. Used widely throughout the world, ODF is supported by a variety of programs, including the free LibreOffice suite and


1. Select File

2. Export as PDF

     3.   Check off under General PDF/A-1a


The current LaTeX development suites (like Kile, MiKTeX, MacTex. etc.) provide tools that convert to PDF only. Therefore, create a pdf document using the tool pdflatex which is generally included with the development suite and then use Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert to PDF/A.


Since the final thesis document must be assembled and uploaded as one (1) document.  Several products such as Adobe Acrobat Pro and MS-Word will merge documents into one.


1. Select Create

2. Select Add Files

3. Select the files to be merged in the order to be assembled

4. Click on Combine Files

5. Enter File name

6. Select Save as

7. Select under save as type dropdown: PDF/A


1. Open a new document

2. Click on the “Insert” tab

3. Select Object

4. Select Text from File

5. Select the documents to merge in the order that they are to be assembled

Note: If the documents selected have different headers or footers, the header/footer of the 1st document selected will be used during the merge process.

To create a PDF/A document using Microsoft Word for Mac

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office for Mac does not include a feature to save as a PDF/A. We suggest that you contact CCS to ask them to convert for you or access a computer with windows e.g. computers in MacOdrum Library have a version of MS Office 2016 on lab machines or on public workstations.

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