Robert Lukowski Dissertation Sample

Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries is embarking on an ambitious, multi-year project, to digitize more than a hundred years' worth of dissertations and theses.  This ensures the preservation of this important body of work, and enhances access to it.  You can view current dissertations and theses, and those that have been digitized, at ScholarWorks.

As we move through the collection of thousands of theses and dissertations, we will be approaching the individual authors to notify them of the digitization, offer them an opportunity to control distribution, and an opportunity to get an electronic copy of their dissertation. We include below a list of works whose authors did not respond to our notices, or whom we were not able to locate. Authors will be listed by their degree-granting department.

If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact Erin Jerome.

A 1973-1984 cohort comparison of college students' life plans and career aspirations DeFant, Miriam A., 1960- Psychology 1985M
The 1977-1978 archaeological excavations of the Lu cemeteries at Qufu, Shandong Draine, James Patrick, 1951- Chinese 2000M
2MASS view of the LMC : structure, populations, kinematics Nikolaev, Sergei, 1970- Astronomy 2001P
A 34-year sequential study of psychosocial development in adulthood Sneed, Joel R., 1972- Psychology 2002P
Abandoning nature : European philosophy and the triumph of equal temperament Hudson, Noel David, 1974- History 2007M
ABC's (Activity Based Curriculum) and cognitive abilities. James, William H., 1940- Psychology 1977M
Academic characteristics and academic success patterns of community college transfer students at the University of Massachusetts. Beals, Ernest Wesley, 1930- Education 1968P
Academic success of special service students in relation to some antecedent and demographic variables. Spiess, Eugene Robert, 1935- Education 1971P
Academic, attitudinal and personality correlates of a cross-cultural educational experience. Driscoll, Francis George, 1925- Education 1969P
The acceleration and dissolution of stars moving through the blackbody radiation of a collapsing universe Argon, Alice L., 1956- Astronomy 1986P
Accountability in a federal education program. Fairley, Richard L., 1933- Education 1974P
Accreditation of teacher education institutions: an historical and case study perspective. Millman, Howard L., 1945- Education 1972P
Acquaintance influences memory for consistent versus inconsistent interpersonal information Van Manen, Scott F. (Scott Ford), 1957- Psychology 1994M
The acquired distinctiveness of cues; the role of discriminative verbal responses in facilitating the acquisition of discriminative motor responses. Rossman, Irma L., 1926- Psychology 1950M
Acquisition of differential responding to the presence or absence of moths in photographs by the Northern Bluejay (Cyanocitta cristata) Pietrewicz, Alexandra T., 1949- Psychology 1975M
The acquisition of prenominal adjectives and adverbs to sentence composition by deaf-aphasic children,$$cby William Lee Heward. Heward, William L., 1949- Education 1974P
The Activity method in teaching literature. Garvey, Anna Patricia. Education 1939M
Activity, control, and the designed environment: the ELEMR project. Zimring, Craig. Psychology 1978P
Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn and the Christian social theater of Vienna, 1898-1903. Geehr, Richard S. History 1973P
Adaptation and cross-adaptation of the four gustatory qualities: a study of receptor specificity. Meiselman, Herbert L. Psychology 1967P
An adaptation of the critical incidents technique to evaluate the process of developmentally disabled persons toward normal behavior. Zimring, Craig. Psychology 1977M
Adequacy of conflict resolution and its relationship to general problem-solving ability, performance under stress, and selected emotional factors. Mokrejs, Linda Harthill, 1945- Psychology 1968M
The adequacy of inkblots as a technique for characterizing individuals. Tanofsky, Robert, 1930- Psychology 1954M
Adhesion of patterned polymer interfaces Chan, Edwin Pak-Nin, 1977- Polymer Science and Engineering 2007P
Adjunct questions in the classroom. Dowaliby, Fred J., 1942- Psychology 1973P
The adjustment of social studies subject matter to fit the needs of high school students in Windham, Connecticut. Roney, Jeanette Marie. Education 1937M
The administration of an inter-disciplinary feasibility study, designed as a performance based dissertation in educational administration. Ojala, Milton H. Education 1970P
Administration of physical education programs for Jewish community centers with limited facilities. Rosnick, Hyman O. Education 1938M
Administrative strategies for enhancing teachers' self-perceptions. Pierce, Leslie Ann, 1946- Education 1974P
Administrative techniques to improve relationships between cooperating teachers and their paraprofessionals. Wilkinson, Donald L., 1937- Education 1973P
Adolescent depression : its prevalence and correlates Jenness-McClellan, Linda, 1947- Psychology 1993P
The adolescent development of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people : conceptual and methodological issues Battle, Cynthia L., 1967- Psychology 1997M
Adolescent identity development from a multicultural perspective Mague, Katherine C., 1969- Psychology 1997M
Adolescent perception of responsibility and its relationship to progress and response to psychotherapy. Dozier, Cynthia Elaine, 1950- Psychology 1980M
Adolescents' defense mechanisms and associations with behavioral symptomatology : a longitudinal study Wright, Virginia C., 1963- Psychology 1991M
Adult attachment style, passionate love, and the frustration of intimacy goals Vernon, Michael L., 1972- Psychology 2006M
Adult education needs in the town of South Hadley. Sigda, Robert B. Education 1964M
Aesthetic education: its aim within the context of an integrated arts curriculum. Walters, Daniel Nelson, 1940- Education 1974P
Affect and reading : theory and practice. Boffey, David Barnes, 1945- Education 1972P
Affiliation and athletic participation among African-American university students : an exploratory study Flood, Susan Elizabeth, 1957- Psychology 1997P
Affirmative administration: a concept for making urban training programs work. Brady, Wilma Ellis. Education 1974P
The Afro-American community and the birth control movement, 1918- 1942 Rodrique, Jessie M., 1959- History 1991P
Against custodial education: the introduction of open campus into Worcester South High School; a historical documentation. Hynes, William B., 1937- Education 1973P
Age differences in eye movements during video viewing Kirkorian, Heather L., 1980- Psychology 2007P
Aggregation of interacting polyelectrolytes and sequence and conformations of polyampholytes Srivastava, Devesh, 1966- Polymer Science and Engineering 1997P
Aggressive behavior and the perception of violence. Fremouw, William J. Psychology 1971M
Agobard and his relations with the Jews. Minsky, Michael G., 1946- History 1971M
Aid available to college students of today. Quirk, Thomas J. Education 1943M
Alcohol, anxiety and performance. DuHamel, Thomas Roland, 1943- Psychology 1968M
Alienation and emotional well-being. Twaite, Allison C., 1948- Psychology 1974M
Alienation and interpersonal perception among female adolescent runaways and truants. Chisholm, June Faye, 1949- Psychology 1978P
Alienation as a function of perceived disjunction between present behavior and goals. Munson, Lois, 1940- Psychology 1971M
Alienation from society, peers, and self: a study of patients and therapist in traditional and free outpatient mental health clinics,$$cby Richard Eugene Merwin, Jr. Merwin, Richard Eugene, 1945- Psychology 1975P
Alienation from society, self estrangement, and personality characteristics from the MMP1 in normals and schizophrenics. Merwin, Richard E., 1945- Psychology 1971M
Alienation: from critique to conformity. Cohen, Howard. Psychology 1977M
Aliphatic polyesters with pendent unsaturation and poly(ethylene glycol) groups : synthesis, characterization, and encapsulation studies Parrish, Bryan K., 1977- Polymer Science and Engineering 2006P
All hands are enjoined to spin : textile production in seventeenth-century Massachusetts Ouellette, Susan M., 1954- History 1996P
Allocation of behavior by Northern blue jays in response to prey density changes in two foraging areas. Peters, Jerrilynn, 1954- Psychology 1982M
Alternative life styles in university residences: personal and environmental factors. Southworth, Barbara Tabor, 1923- Education 1974P
Alternatives in African education: the need for a synthesis between the tradition and the new systems. Manuwuike, Chukwuemeka, 1937- Education 1971P
Altruism and moral development; a study of the relationship between children's sharing behavior and level of moral development. Callahan, Stephen A., 1946- Psychology 1974M
Altruism, sharing, and reciprocity in children as related to friendship status. Falkowski, John J., 1949- Psychology 1973M
Always look on the bright side of life : the relationship between coping humor, negative life events, and life satisfaction in American and Israeli college students Hofstein, Yariv, 1975- Psychology 2005M
Ambiguity resolution of the dative NP in Korean Koh, Sungryong, 1965- Psychology 1995M
American attitudes towards the revolt against the Obregón government. Brennan, Edward Daniel, 1937- History 1966M
American history for non-academic high school pupils. Avery, Rexford Hanson, 1916- Education 1941M
American history for non-college students. Fenton, William E. Education 1950M
American identity crisis : the relation between national, social, and personal identity in a multiethnic sample Rodriguez, Liliana, 1979- Psychology 2008P
American Jacobins : revolutionary radicalism in the Civil War era Reed, Jordan Lewis, 1980- History 2009P
American man : the ambitious searches of Richard Wright and Ernest Hemingway Forbes, Michael Kwame, 1972- Afro-American Studies 2007P
American workers, American empire : Morrison I. Swift, Boston, Massachusetts and the making of working-class imperial citizenship, 1890-1920 Jackson, Justin Frederick, 1979- History 2007M
Amherst soldiers in the American Revolution Noblick, Martha N., 1948- History 1984M
Aminoiminate metal complexes : novel catalysts for alpha-olefin polymerizations Jin, Xin, 1969- Polymer Science and Engineering 2000P
Analyses of response latency and hypothesis behavior for learning set performance obtained from the bluejay (Cyancocitta cristata) using two and three dimensional stimuli. Hunter, Maxwell W., 1946- Psychology 1972P
An analysis and evaluation of the Wechsler-Bellevue patterns of alcoholics with auditory and visual hallucinations with an attempt to discover any discriminable diagnostic pattern. Binder, Arnold. Psychology 1951M
An analysis of commitment. Holmes, William H., 1949- Psychology 1973M
An analysis of counselor interaction with disadvantaged youth in a compensatory educational program utilizing four selected case studies. Elgrim, Dennis Eugene, 1935- Education 1970P
Analysis of critical issues and incidents in the New York City school crisis, 1967-1970, and their implications for urban education in the 1970's. McCoy, Rhody Arnold, 1923- Education 1971P
An analysis of dyadic conflict among toddlers Lowell, Jeffrey D., 1949- Psychology 1983P
An analysis of early childhood teacher education programs in Massachusetts Thompson, James G., 1952- Education 1987P
An analysis of federal delivery systems for early child development services. Bruce, Preston, 1936- Education 1972P
An analysis of leader behavior and leadership styles through the case study method. Morgan, Ann Forest, 1942- Education 1974P
An analysis of molecular parameters governing phase separation in a reacting polyurethane system Yontz, Dorie J., 1972- Polymer Science and Engineering 1999P
An analysis of some of the characteristics of a group of students at South Hadley High School in relation to their use of automobiles. Buss, Donald J. Education 1960M
Analysis of teacher non-verbal behavior and student perceptions of that behavior in a high school typewriting classroom,$$cby Patricia Ann Keck Fredrickson. Fredrickson, Patricia A. K., 1931- Education 1974P
An analysis of the Bilingual Education Act, 1967-68 Sanchez, Gilbert, 1936- Education 1973P
An analysis of the changes in the freshman year experience at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1968-1973. Davis, Allen Jeffrey, 1946- Education 1973P
An analysis of the clinical judgement of psychological adjustment. Zanor, Charles William, 1945- Psychology 1970M
An analysis of the effectiveness of selected short term summer training programs as sources of information about educational innovations. Leary, Paul Anthony, 1938- Education 1969P
An analysis of the effects of a summer remediation and counseling sequence on nonadmissible applicants' goal attainment at a regional community college in western Massachusetts. Shea, John Joseph, 1933- Education 1967P

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