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Intellectual health comes from mental stimulation and what we get out of our work, school and other hobbies that we take part of. To begin an intellectually healthy life we must first have the desire to learn more and have an overall interest in what is going on around us. Every human being has the desire to know, but what’s more important is how we go about that.
At a young age school teaches us that we must gain all the knowledge we can in order to be successful, therefore making school the first step in how to begin an intellectually healthy lifestyle. Higher education as in college is not always needed to be considered “intellectually healthy”, but getting the most out of the education level u do reach is key. As long as our minds are constantly being challenged and stimulated we are on the right track. Our work plays a key role in developing an intellectual healthy life as well. We do not want our work to be too stressful; we want it to be stimulating and enjoyable. Too much mental stimulation can lead to being stressed out and affect other parts of one’s life in a negative way. The way we go about work should be something challenging and yet enjoyable and leave us with an overall good feeling about what we are doing at the end of the day. Religion plays a large role in being intellectually healthy. Religion keeps our minds thinking about GOD and trying to add him into our everyday lives, which is a challenge and goal for most if not all of us. GOD is more prevalent in some lives than in others but having some sort of belief in a higher power is good for the human desire to want to know more. We all want answers. Making an effort to find them is what makes us intellectually healthy. Hobbies such as playing a sport are very much part of being intellectually healthy. Athletics make us think things through in and out and really challenge not only our minds, but our bodies as well. For example: The football team is losing by 7 points with 5 seconds left in the game and they have one last shot to tie or win the game. The quarterback has a million things going through his mind all at once and can ultimately make only one decision that will win his team the game, or blow it for them.

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He must worry about 4 guys running at him trying to tackle him all while looking the field side to side trying to determine which receiver will be open and then have to make a perfect lead throw through defenders in order to complete the pass. This makes us intellectually healthy and is more than often overlooked for this category.
     Here are a few things we can do to further increase our chance at having an healthy intellectual life: (

·     Read books and newspapers regularly
·     Attend lectures and programs
·     Decrease tv watching time
·     Explore at your local library
·     Learn computer skills
·     Learn from public library or college library audio and video tapes
·     Explore volunteer possibilities
·     Join athletic teams
Intellectual health is related to every other aspect of health. It is the “thinking you” (Donatelle, and Personal Health by Mr. Hjelm) the ability to think and to do it wisely can be related to any aspect of health, physical spiritual, emotional and social. Thinking largely relates to one’s emotional status because too much thinking can often lead to an unstable emotional lifestyle. Thinking good thoughts and positive things can help out when a person is feeling down and help relieve some tension and how to cope with stress. The ability to think also plays a role in the physical aspect of health. Thinking ahead and planning a good well balanced diet will ultimately lead to better physical health. Thinking affects our social health because we have feelings built up inside us sometimes and don’t know how to tell people how we are feeling. Thinking allows us to sit back and analyze the situation and express exactly what is on our mind in a much more clear and precise way.
Beginning an intellectually healthy life is only a few steps away and very reachable for all of us. Thinking and analyzing applies to every aspect of health and plays a big part in the human being.

What is Mental Illness? Essay

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To understand what mental illness is you have to know what it means. Mental health is the state of our well-being. Mental health has to do with the mind. According to mental health is “a state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life”. Mental illness are behavioral, psychological, and emotional disorders that effect the mind. Mental illness is not something that should be avoided. There many different types of mental illnesses. There are also mental healthcare services that can help people with their mental illnesses.
Mental illness can be a mixture of different…show more content…

It can be really over whelming for a person. For example Aaron Alexis the navy yard shooter had mental illness but never went and got treated for it like he should have. The navy yard shooter is a prime example of what happens you choose to ignore your mental health issues.
Adults are not the only ones that can have mental disorders. Children can have mental disorders as well. According to “ The US Surgeon General reports that 10 percent of children and adolescents in the united states suffer from serious emotional and mental disorders that cause significant functional impairment in their day to day lives at home, in, and with peers” . Common mental disorders among children are behavior disorders like ADHD, anxiety disorders, and depression. A lot of the mental disorders seen in children are the same mental disorders seen in Adults. Another mental disorder that children can have is Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Mental disorders in children can be treated in a couple of ways. Children with a mental illness can be treated with medication and Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a type of mental health therapy. Most mental disorders that are seen in children can be carried into adult hood. The Mental Healthcare has failed the patients that they are supposed to be helping. According to “The national alliance on mental illness in 2009 gave America’s mental health

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