Chemical Engineering Application Essay

Chemical Engineering is a most fascinating field of all the branches of science and engineering. To me it truly reflects human endeavour and spirit through means such as the exploration of unknown substances, and making something of worth and value out of mere raw materials.

Chemistry is a fundamental of life, without it the world around us would cease to function. For this reason I want to study Chemical Engineering, I find the field exciting and full of wonders, be it already found and yet to come.

In the growing turmoil of today; a world full of global warming, war and depleting resources, questions often arise such as, "can we make this more efficient, more durable, and have less of an impact on our environment?" Helping to answer these questions is a personal aspiration of mine, and a degree in the subject would be like a segway to a goal of helping to contribute to the field in my own unique way.

I am currently taking my A-levels studying: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics all of which are challenging subjects that test the depth of knowledge and understanding of the individual taking them. Hard work and determination is what comes to mind when reflecting back on my time studying these A-levels.

They've each influenced me in some way or another in my decision to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering, whilst simultaneously providing me with the skills to become one. For example Further Maths and Physics have developed me to be somewhat meticulous with my work, whilst also developing a new insight into solving problems; allowing me to 'think outside of the box'.

One key thing that I have learnt is that there can be multiple solutions to any single problem. This is something that every Chemical Engineer should keep in mind.

Chemistry has definitely improved my knowledge of reactions and how certain mechanisms operate it's given me a novice understanding of Chemical Engineering which I am yearning to extend. My favourite part of the Chemistry A-level and what I find most intriguing so far are topics related to chemical synthesis and enthalpy.

I participate in several activities centred in and out of college, such as reading buddy, where I help the younger year members of the school with their reading difficulties and guide them through their daily reading and comprehension skills.

As part of my Duke of Edinburgh award I regularly volunteer with the British Heart Foundation and rock climb at The Reach climbing centre in Woolwich.

I have explored my interest for science and engineering by attending several lectures relating to different subjects like Medical talks at King College, engineering talks at the Brunel Museum along with taster courses about Astrophysics at Queen Mary University and How Mathematics Drives Computing at Imperial.

Why I want to take Chemical Engineering is because I am keen to further my knowledge and understanding of the chemical processes that go into manufacturing the necessities that we use in our everyday lives.

For example the manufacture of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, and Chemical Engineering that incorporates the ever innovative world of computer science, like that seen in the work of Andy Grove a Chemical Engineer that works for Intel.

However I was truly enticed into taking Chemical Engineering as a degree after reading the story of a soldier who was saved by his new body armour after being shot. The bullet was described to have knocked him off his feet.

I instinctively thought to myself that a Chemical Engineer saved his life, not just his body armour; I find things like this absolutely incredible and I choose to encounter and learn about much more incredible things by taking such a course. I look forward to hearing back from you regarding my application.

Society needs engineers that can and will change the world. Meeting today's growing global demands, coupled with safeguarding our environment is what really intrigues me.

I want to study Chemical Engineering because of its increasingly significant role in our society, particularly across a variety of industries from petrochemicals to environmental technology. It is an extremely versatile subject which provides a unique opportunity to be involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of products, an aspect that I look forward to learning about.

Chemical Engineering incorporates Mathematics and Chemistry, which is another reason why I am drawn to the subject.

Through my A Level studies I have come to love these subjects and want to continue studying them. I feel that all my A Level choices complement each other perfectly and have encouraged me to develop skills beneficial to the study of Chemical Engineering, such as critical analysis and research.

Mathematics and Chemistry have sharpened my methodical thinking and logical problem solving skills, whilst an extended essay in English Literature on 'Hamlet' has developed my analytical and explanatory skills. Laboratory work in Chemistry has always been exciting to me from a young age.

From learning about wet tests to practical work such as the hydrolysis of an ester, my passion for the subject in its entirety has increased. This was observed and acknowledged amongst my peers as I was awarded the certificate of merit for my effort and achievement in Chemistry.

In year 12, I was nominated as the school council representative; I was responsible for various tasks including negotiating the purchase of equipment for school functions, in addition to speaking to a large group of students. This role enabled me to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills.

I feel these skills have been further strengthened through my duties as a director of Nexus, a Young Enterprise company. I led the team responsible for putting together a feasible business plan, finding potential investors.

I plan to use my Gap Year as an opportunity to become a more rounded individual. As a result, I have applied to the Year in Industry in hopes of gaining a 6-month placement for the next year to help broaden my understanding of Chemical Engineering.

I am also very involved in my local community as I joined the Bromley Youth Panel where I worked with other students and Bromley Council. I was part of the team which had the opportunity to interview potential candidates for the role of the Director of Children's Services in the Bromley borough.

I found the experience both challenging and rewarding, and through it I was able to understand the importance of communicating effectively and working within a team.

In recognition of my contribution to the management of Dance, Drama and Music courses that were ran for young people last summer, I was presented with Millennium Volunteer Award by the mayor of Lewisham. In addition to the recognition I received, I also developed organisational skills and learned how to multi-task and manage my time efficiently in a dynamic environment.

I am confident that I will be able to interact within the diverse atmosphere of university, as my experience of living in Nigeria, and having a multi cultural background has instilled in me the confidence to adapt to, and function effectively within new environments. I eagerly look forward to the exciting opportunities that studying Chemical Engineering has to offer.

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